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Walk eye Map

Using our proprietary D3DG (Digital 3D Generator) technology for creating high-density, 3D digital maps, Walk eye Map offers realistic 3D digital map data from the perspective of pedestrians and drivers. Because we do not create CG "pictures" but rather data in the form of a map, it allows for coordination with 2D maps and various data.

Components of the Walk eye Map

Regional mapping section

Allows the provision of regional data through a pseudo-model centered on software processing and using ZENRIN's 2D map information.

Realistic intersection information

Created with image data (scenery, buildings), building shape data, and positional data (latitude/longitude) collected by our unique survey vehicle (Tiger Eye) that our company developed.



Support for creation of new navigation scenes

GAREM-NV (GAREM-NaVigation) utilizes our company's original GAREM technology, developed to achieve optimal rendering for 3D digital maps, to offer 3D digital map rendering middleware solutions for navigation.
Through our unique pre-processing that specializes in camera work for car navigation systems, this product achieves rendering that moves with optimal performance even on a limited device environment. Even developers who are unaccustomed to the 3D CG technology needed to offer the necessary functions for 3D rendering as SDK will be able to easily compile products in a short period of time.

* GAREM is a registered trademark of GEO Technical Laboratory Co., Ltd.



Enrichment of map applications (navigation ・ GIS)

WAREM is a digital map rendering middleware for converting 2D maps into 3D.
Utilizing our unique technology (we hold 4 patents), it is possible to take a broad view of 2D maps and show them in 3D, thereby creating a map display that more closely approximates what the human eye sees. Using WAREM while developing map applications, navigation or GIS, keeps development costs to a minimum.

* The WAREM trademark is pending approval.


Pegasus eye Map

Pegasus Eye Map was developed as a "regional 3D map for any device". It is a digital 3D map that can easily be implemented even on low-spec devices, and displays the street atmosphere; the colors, shapes, and ups and downs of terrain?in a way not possible with previous maps.

Pegasus eye Map for 3D

Pegasus eye Map for 3D

Based on the Pegasus Eye Map, we have developed map content that can be used for stereoscopic views as well.
By combining 3D maps with hardware that allows for stereoscopic views, users can get a direct sense of building heights and differences in the elevation of roads. Also, utilizing stereoscopic views for displaying letters and symbols achieves easier recognition.

Pegasus eye Map for AR

Pegasus eye Map for AR

Pegasus Eye Map AR is augmented reality (AR) content created using ZENRIN's map data, and optimized by applying our 3D digital maps, making it easier to specify reality and data. By using our company's 3D digital maps, it is possible to refine data about a specific feature that can be seen from a given vantage point. By positioning this refined data in the real world, it is possible to display only the data related to the visible features on the map.

*Patent pending on Pegasus eye Map for AR
*Pegasus eye Map is a registered trademark of GEO Technical Laboratory.


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