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Have you ever gotten lost even though you were holding a map in your hand?

At one time or another all of us have had the experience of getting lost on unfamiliar streets, even though we were holding a map. Truthfully, reading a map can be a very difficult task. Enabling people to use maps to reach their destination without experiencing stress is a very important theme for us. We at GEO Technical Laboratory are carrying out R&D every day with the goal of offering people maps and application technology that make it easier than ever to reach their destination.

In terms of map creation, we use technology produced through our own R&D in everything from survey vehicles to production lines, and we are creating 3D digital maps of Japan's major cities.

These maps are already being used in numerous car navigation systems for detailed intersection maps.

In terms of map application technology, we have developed our 3D digital map rendering engines for car navigation, WAREM (note 1) and GAREM (note 2) one after another. These are being used by our customers for development of car navigation applications utilizing 3D digital maps.

Additionally, we are carrying out R&D on technologies that can shorten our customers' development time and decrease their costs. For example, through Pegasus eye, which envisions map application scenarios other than car navigation.

As car navigation has become increasingly popular around the world, there is now a global need for map creation technology and application technology.

I believe that our company's technology can absolutely play a role in map development and car navigation application development in countries and regions around the world.

Our company is still young, but we take pride in our history and technology as an R&D company specializing in 3D mapping.

We will continue to work vigorously toward our goal of creating customer-satisfying technologies that will be applied in 3D maps.

We look forward to working with you.

President & CEO
Kiyonari Kishikawa

Note 1: WAREM?Wide Area Rendering Engine for Maps
Note 2: GAREM?Geometry Advanced Rendering Engine for 3D Maps